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Rural Development Program

"The soul of India still lives in villages," and villages must develop in such a way that the culture and ethics of India are preserved. Around 70% of the Indian population lives in rural areas and developing India from the ground up entails developing rural India. Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Centre has designed a Rural Development Program to provide opportunities to rural youth, which involves a training programme to improve rural activities, simple management, and cooperative skills of youth so they can develop their local villages through simple but magnificent ideas. Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Center's Rural Development Program is organized about simple rural principles. It will cover three major rural model projects.

First Phase

Self-Help Groups to encourage self-employment. This section will focus on educating rural youth about the scope and importance of various works that can be done by themselves or by forming self-help groups.

Second Phase

erdc rdp

A more advanced structure in which rural youth from a village will work in a semi-organized manner. This training entails establishing a smaller project for a village that will aid in the employment of 5-100 people

Third Phase

erdc rdp

Advanced and well-organized village structure working as a project in the cooperative sector. This training entails establishing a cooperative project in a specific field (for example, dairy or tissue farming) which will aid in the creation of employment opportunities for several people.

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