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Udhyamsheel (उद्यमशील) - A program aimed at fostering entrepreneurship awareness.

Udhyamsheel is a program designed to promote entrepreneurship awareness among school students.  The program is intended to provide a platform for students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and encourage them to think creatively. Through Udhyamsheel, students have the opportunity to attend lectures and interactive sessions.The program also offers mentorship and guidance to participating students, helping them to develop their minds for entrepreneurial thought. 

By participating in Udhyamsheel, students can gain valuable skills and knowledge that will serve them well throughout their lives, regardless of whether they choose to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. The program helps to instill a sense of confidence and self-reliance in young people, empowering them to take control of their futures and pursue their dreams. Overall, Udhyamsheel is an excellent initiative that is helping to foster the next generation of innovative and successful entrepreneurs.

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