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As an Incubator

erdc mentor

Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Centre created a new open network framework that combines collective intelligence with a cross-collaborative approach to encourage entrepreneurship and strengthen society's future of creation.

The ERDCs Incubation Network is an alliance of organizations that collaborate to support and accelerate the growth of startup businesses. These networks may include a wide range of organizations, including accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and venture capital firms. An incubation network's organizations may offer various resources and services to startups, such as funding, mentorship, training, and market connections.

The goal of the Incubation Network is to create an ecosystem for incubators and accelerators that provides them with resources and clients to help them achieve their goals and help startups grow.


The Incubation Network provides expertise, mentoring, and networking to help incubators grow. The incubation network operates on a model that includes:



Creating an Incubator roadmap


Trainings & Workshops

Development through trainings, workshops and bootcamps



Providing Incubators with network and insights


Portfolio Management

Management of registered startups and clientele


Busniess Solution

Improvement of Business Model


Expert Panel

Experts and advisors for incubation development

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